Diploma in Records Management

Diploma in Rural and Urban Management

Diploma in Local Government Administration

Diploma in Local Government Finance

Postgraduate Diploma

Targets a cadre of senior council employees who will possess the appropriate mix of skills, knowledge and attitude to run the local government system effectively and efficiently.

Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration

Targets pre-service and mid-career students to equip skills in managing government departments, line ministries, councils, public agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Bachelor of Arts in Local Government Finance

Targets pre-service and mid-career students in local government finance to equip students with the necessary prudent financial management skills.

Bachelor of Arts in Governance & Development

Graduates will be equipped to deliver efficient development results in processes related to national governance, regional and international institutions.

Bachelor of Arts in Development Planning & Management

Designed to provide skills necessary responding to key aspects of physical and social development planning.