Mission Statement

Chalimbana Local Government Training Institute (CLGTI) is responsible for facilitation of human resources capacity building for Local Authorities. The Institute is responsible for provision of short, medium and long term in-service training in Local Government Administration s in order to enhance the knowledge, skills and performance of their employees.

CLGTI is responsible for following  functions:

  1. Facilitate the identification of training needs in Local Authorities; 
  2. Facilitate the development and implementation of human resources development plans and programmes; 
  3. Develop Curricula and materials for training programmes on Local bGovernment Administration and Decentralisation; 
  4. Conduct seminars and skills development workshops in Provincial Administration Offices and Local Authorities; 
  5. Deliver short, medium and long term training in Local Government Administration and Decentralisation; 
  6. Contract local or foreign consultants/training institutions to deliver certain specialised training where possible; 
  7. Rehabilitate and maintain training facilities at Chalimbana Local Government Training Institute; 
  8. Acquire or construct other building facilities and equipment for conducting training;
  9. Undertake research and consultancy in areas of Local Government Administration and Decentralisation.