Mulungushi University
Chalimbana Local Government Training Institute

HEA Reference No.PGD
Name of Learning ProgrammePostgraduate Diploma  in Local Government  Administration

1.0. Programme Purpose

The main purpose of this Post Graduate Diploma programme is to create a cadre of senior council employees who will possess the appropriate mix of skills, knowledge and attitude to run the local government system effectively and efficiently.

2.0. Programme Objectives:

The programme is designed in such a way that upon completion the graduates should be able to:

  • Operate within the confines of the laws that govern the operations of local government system.
  • Effectively conduct research.
  • Apply e-governance as an administrative strategy.
  • Efficiently and effectively manage human resources.
  • Apply the best practices of local government system.
  • Utilise available resources effectively and efficiently.
  • Provide services within the minimum acceptable standards to their local communities.
  • Discharge and utilise limited public financial resources effectively and efficiently.
  • Adequately facilitate policy formulation process.
  • Analyse corporate governance issues that organisations face.
  • Facilitate sustainable local development at community level.
  • Effectively Plan and Manage projects.
  • Relate theory to practice.

3.0. Course Duration

Eighteen (18) months designed on semester basis. The entire programme to be conducted in three (3) semesters.

4.0. Course Outline

First Semester

Course CodeCourse Name
PGD 811Administrative Law
PGD 821Research Methods
PGD 831e-Governance
PGD 841Human Resource Management
PGD 851Administration of Local Authorities

Second Semester

Course CodeCourse Name
PGD 812Financial Management for Local Authorities
PGD 822Public Policy Analysis
PGD 832Service Delivery Planning & Implementation
PGD 842Comparative Local Government Administration
PGD 852Local Government Legal Framework

Third Semester

Course CodeCourse Name
PGD 911Corporate Governance & Leadership
PGD 921Strategic Planning & Management
PGD 931Local Economic Development
PGD 941Project Planning & Management
PGD 900Research Project

5.0. Teaching Strategies

Learning shall constitute lectures, projects, discussions, presentations, visual aids, field trips, assignments, case studies, practical training and Virtual sessions.

6.0. Entry Requirements:

6.1. First degree from a recognized university with at least one (1) year of working experience in local government.
6.2. Diploma from a recognized training institution with at least five (5) years working experience in local government.